Mapping Mutualism

Agritopias is an experimental agri-tech project designed in partnership with Prime Produce & Seeds to Soil Cooperatives. It is a decentralized food network comprising fifteen fostered food production stations adopted by participants.

Participants fostering plants have the option to exchange and transplant their desired portion of their plant yield into an on-site aeroponic chamber. This project documents a network of exchange grounded in mutual aid principles.

Genera Cilantro Thyme Garlic Rosemary Taragon Hot pepper Wheatgrass Sage Oregano Ginger Lemon Tumeric Hell’s Kitchen New Jersey Boerum Hill Harlem Long Island City Prime Produce Upper West Side Seed Station *available* Manhattan Valley Location Genus/Genera Basil Cilantro Thyme Garlic Tomato Rosemary Taragon Hot pepper wheatgrass Sage Kale Oregano Oyster Shitake Ginger Carrot Lemon Tumeric